Zaragoza, Spain  - Realism Exhibition 2017



Exhibition Review - Zaragoza, Spain 2017  English translation:

Paint to fool the senses

The hall of the Aragonese Artistic Group hosts the exhibition entitled 'More than realism', a compilation of hiperrrealistas works by Norwegian artists, Mexican, Canadian, American and Spanish






04.11.2017 3:55

Portraits that look like photographs, detailed landscapes and continuous deceptions millimeter to the human eye. This is what you can see in the hall of the Artistic Group Aragonesa (located on Calle Lagasca), which until December 2 hosts the eleventh sample More than realism a commitment to figurative art in which the digital platform Artelibre painting brings together the work of several international figurative artists.

Coming from Norway, Mexico, Canada or the United States, these artworks defy scrutiny trying to convince the viewer that what is contemplating not been prepared by the stroke of a human brush. To that end they use different techniques such as simulating own blur depth of field of the cameras, special treatment for coloring light areas and shaded, or other pixelated consisting staining of cells that make canvases handmade authentic photographs.

"I think we can say that is the best exhibition of figurative art that can be seen throughout Spain", says José Enrique González, director of the exhibition, which for more than twenty years commitment to figurative art as an artistic expression to par with other prestigious styles. "At that time figurative art was so reviled and made sique without enjoying the recognition of abstract art, but little by little opening hole," says Gonzalez, who in this exhibition wanted to capture the different techniques used in figurative painting as well as their different styles such as oil, watercolor, silkscreen, pastel and pencil.

Thus, the exhibition includes a collection of works from up to 26 different authors, Adolfo Córdoba, Ann Goldberg, Aurelio Rodríguez, Carlos Muro, Carmen Mansilla, Dani Parra, David Naylor, Doug Webb, Ermilio Espinosa, Fernando Perez, Francisco Rodríguez, Gustavo Manzano, Jacques Bodin, Johannes Wesmark, José Enrique González, José Luis Ceña, José Manuel Cajal, Luis Javier Gaya, Manuel Castillero, Mark Rey, Nuria Torres, Pau Marinello, Pedro del Toro, Roberto Carrillo, Ruddy Taveras and Shana Levenson. A mixture with Gonzalez seeks to "combine the works of great artists of the genre embodied as Doug Webb or Aurelio Rodríguez with young authors with a large international presence."